For a half of century, ILRC has been the largest forum for exchanging ideas, fostering collaborations, and reporting cutting edge research on Lidar techniques, technologies and applications. Organized under the auspices of the International Coordination-group for Laser Atmospheric Studies (ICLAS), this biennially conference has promoted generations of scientists and stimulated the advancement of the domain beyond expectations.


Today, lidars are operating on ground, airborne and satellite platforms; continental and even global networks are setting up; weather services and airports are in the process of replacing classic sounding with remote sensing; lidars are taking over the outer space.

ILRC has been never organized in East Europe. We, the Romanian team, would like to show you our capacity as scientists and organizers, and in the same time to consolidate the lidar activities in our region. ILRC will be an excellent opportunity to show the significance of our work and educate Romanian authorities and citizens concerning the region’s changing climate and air quality, as well as to attract more young and bright students to the field.

Most of all, it will give us the pleasure to introduce you to the beauty of the “Carpathian garden”.

Carpathian Mountains
Constanța Casino
Moldovița Monastery
Jiului Valley
Slănic Salt Mine
The Sphynx
Transalpina Road
Transfăgărășan Road
Oltului Valley
Muddy Volcanoes

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