Quantel, France


Established in 1970, Quantel is a recognized expert in the manufacturing of solid-state laser systems for scientific, military, industrial and medical applications.
Our customers are the driving force of our research, development and product innovations We provide reliable, technologically advanced laser systems to help you to achieve your specific goals.
Quantel offers a wide range of products that meet the special requirements of industrial, military and scientific applications.
Quantel has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing customized lasers for major national and international projects. Quantel has been contracted to supply specific systems for industrial groups throughout the world. With design and manufacturing facilities in France and the US, and a strong worldwide sales and service network, Quantel serves a global customer base.

Grimm Aerosol Technik Ainring GmbH & Co.KG. Germany


GRIMM Aerosol Technik – the market leader and pioneer in the field of optical measurement of aerosols – a new member of the DURAG GROUP. The GRIMM brand stands for innovative work and solutions in the field of optical measurement of fine particles. We determine particle number and particle size as well as particle mass distribution. The company is developing and manufacturing devices from portable handheld spot measurements to complete stationary systems.


SC INOESY SRL, represented by Mr. Ovidiu-Gelu Tudose, has been continuously contributing to this success in the territory of Romania.

Abacus Laser, Germany


Wind lidar

Abacus Laser offers lidar modules, including a narrow bandwidth reference laser, high-power pulsed fibre amplifier, telescope and optical heterodyne detection.

Custom R&D

Abacus Laser specialises in the development of customer-specific special solutions in the areas of laser and optical remote sensing. We offer assistance if you need a laser with special characteristics, such as a particular wavelength or an especially narrow-bandwidth laser

Consulting service

Abacus Laser offers consulting for laser and optical remote sensing. We will support you from project planning to implementation, from design to the final laser or lidar system. We will assist you with regard to specific problems as well as with strategic planning.

Cimel, France


Cimel Électronique is a French manufacturer of Remote Sensing instruments & Automatic Weather Stations for more than 50 years.  Cimel’s core business is focused on designing and manufacturing field based observation systems for meteorology, air quality and climate change. Cimel has established wide partnership networks with the National Meteorological Services, Civil Aviation authorities, research community, environmental decision-makers, and hydro-agro-meteorology experts. Cimel brings operational benefits to all its customers through a wide and complete offering of products, projects and services.

Raymetrics SA, Greece


Raymetrics is the global leader and most experienced atmospheric LIDAR manufacturer in the world, with more than 15 years in the industry and with sales made all over the world. The company produces backscatter, depolarization and Raman LIDARs for atmospheric applications, as well as LIDAR components such as telescopes designed specifically for LIDARs. Through a combination of experience and expertise, Raymetrics is able to offer some of the most powerful systems available commercially. Our list of clients includes many prestigious institutes and organizations, including the Met Office (UK), German Weather Service (DWD), National Environment Agency (Singapore) and the European Space Agency (ESA). Raymetrics is to become the first atmospheric LIDAR manufacturer able to offer certifications for its products, and for their systematic uncertainties, from LiCAL/ACTRIS, according to document doi:10.5194/amt-9-4181-2016.

SC INOESY SRL http://www.inoesy.ro  our partner in Romania. Contact Ovidiu-Gelu TUDOSE ovidiu.tudose@inoesy.ro for any requests.

Envicontrol, France


Envicontrol is a scientific product distribution company specialized in the instrumentation for gas, air and dust measurement (sampling, analysis, calibration and generation), also in the data acquisition system and network management. We present products in various fields of activities such as labs, research centers, air monitoring networks, industries, meteorology,…

The Envicontrol mainly added value is in the customer service, by proposing solutions adapted to specific needs or in following the sold instruments by a high quality after-sales service. Envicontrol works not only in France with headquarters in Paris and in Lyon, but also in Belgium, Netherlands and North Africa. Envicontrol is 20 people at your service …

Each head office includes:

  • A technical service that carries out the various operations of assembly, integration, installation, commissioning, maintenance and repairs.
  • A workshop and a large stock of spare parts for fast customer service.
  • A laboratory equipped with analyzers and reference calibration systems ensures the finest repairs, as well as the best quality of measurements,

We are exclusive distributors in Europe of Micro Pulse LiDAR (MPL) instruments – designed by Sigma Space Corporation – and used to help scientists, meteorologists and air quality professionals monitor aerosols to better understand the structure of our atmosphere. MPL’s long-range capabilities and high quality signal increase efficiency and accuracy of the data capture process for improved atmospheric monitoring. Originally designed for NASA, MPL uses eye-safe lasers, precision photon counting, and built-in data analysis to deliver the best signal-to-noise ratio and thus the most reliable information in this category.

Licel GmbH, Germany


Metek, GmbH, Germany


Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics


Northrop Grumman  Cutting Edge Optronics (CEO) is a vertically integrated manufacturer of DPSS lasers. With 25 years of DPSS laser manufacturing experience, CEO manufactures laser diodes, laser diode arrays, gain modules, electronics and complete DPSS laser systems. The entire manufacturing process takes place under a single 36,000 ft² roof located in St. Charles, Missouri USA. CEO’s vertical business model gives them intimate knowledge and flexibility with every product that is utilized in the manufacturing process. CEO’s experience in manufacturing ruggedized lasers for commercial, industrial, scientific, military and aerospace applications gives them a unique perspective on designing and manufacturing lasers with specialized requirements.

CEO has developed a variety laser systems for airborne and ground-based LIDAR applications. Ground based systems have been developed for atmospheric LIDAR applications in some of the most remote locations in the world, while airborne systems have been fielded on a various aircraft platforms such as the MH-60, C-130, P-3, Beech King Air and DC-8. CEO’s technical representatives, program managers and engineers are experienced in working closely with customers and their specific needs.


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Each exhibitor will have its own stand, 4 x 2 m, a table and 2 chairs, access to power supply and WiFi. Stands are separated by white walls which can be used for displaying posters, banners, etc. (see schematics below).


Exhibition stands are placed in the same room where the oral plenary sessions are organized. Outdoor space can be accommodated for the exhibitors wishing to organize live demonstrations during lunch breaks.

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