Conference location

The 28th ILRC will be held at the “Politehnica” University of Bucharest (AN building), 313 Splaiul Independentei, Bucharest sect. 6, Romania.

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The university was founded in 1818, is the largest technical university of Romania and among the most important universities in South East Europe. Long tradition and experience granted it the prestige of the best school of engineering in Romania. It includes 15 faculties & 2 departments, providing training for more than 23,000 students by means of a teaching staff consisting in more than 1,500 professors and researchers.

Most of the Faculties are located inside a beautiful park, with large green areas, sport courts and parking places. A lot of restaurants, terraces and malls surround the area, at a walking distance.

The location is easily reachable from almost any part of the city, by metro and buses. The fastest way is to take the metro.

From the Metro to the AN building of the “Politehnica” University of Bucharest

There are 2 metro stations in the vicinity of the 2 entrances to the University perimeter: a) Politehnica Metro station (metro line 3, see the map); b) Grozavesti Metro Station (metro line 1, see the map). Please check this linked document describing how to reach the venue from these 2 metro stations. Note that, from each of the entrances to the University perimeter, there is a 10-15 min. walk to the AN building.

Rectorate courtyard, view to the exit. Picture taken from the Rectorate
Rectorate courtyard, view to the exit. Picture taken from the Rectorate
Rectorate courtyard, view to the exit. Picture taken from the Rectorate
Rectorate courtyard. View of the Library and Faculty of Applied Sciences (at left)
Rectorate courtyard. View of the Faculty of Applied Sciences
Rectorate parc
Rectorate parc
Rectorate building, side view
Rectorate building

Facilities in the AN building

All oral and poster presentations, including Lidar tutorials and GALION meeting, will be accommodated in “AN building“, which is linked with the Rectorate, an easy to recognized, circular roof building.

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Oral sessions will be held inside the Central room of the AN building, a 1000 sqm space designed and built between 1965 and 1970, during the communist era. Exhibition stands will be set in a side part of the same room.

Poster sessions and the registration office will be organized in the main lobby which links the Central room with the Rectorate building. Lidar tutorials (Sunday, 25 June) and GALION meeting (Thursday, 29 June) will be organized in the AN Amphitheater.

Coffee breaks will be served on site. Free refreshments will be served in mid-afternoon. A “quiet room” with internet connection will be available just next to the Central room. ICLAS meetings will be organized at the Rectorate restaurant (5th floor).

Courtyard, "Infinity Column": meeting place for Welcome reception, trip & banquet
Entrance to the AN building: Rectorate at left, "Infinity column at right"
Entrance to the AN building: Rectorate at left, Faculty of Applied Sciences at right, Library in the back (not shown)
Lobby, AN building: registration, coffee breaks, posters
Lobby, AN building: registration, coffee breaks, posters
Central room, AN building: plenary sessions, exhibition
Central room, AN building: plenary sessions, exhibition
Amphitheater, AN building: Lidar tutorials, GALION meeting
Amphitheater, AN building:  Lidar tutorials, GALION meeting
Rectorate, interior
Rectorate, interior
Rectorate, 5th floor, canteen
Rectorate, 5th floor, canteen

Logistics on-site

On site setup at ILRC28

Here is a schematics of the main areas at ILRC28.

Registration & help desk

Registration should be preferable done before the conference via the Indico platform. On site registration and payments will also be possible.

Please approach the on site registration and help desk to pick up your badge and conference materials before the start of the Conference, including the tickets which give you access to the welcome reception, trip and dinner. Additional information will be available, including directions to nearby restaurants, tourist information, highlights from the programme, news on live demonstrations, etc. At the registration desk you can also print your return boarding passes or book a taxi.

The registration & help desk will be open as follows:

  • Saturday, 24 June 2017                                                                 14:00 – 17:30 (local time)
  • Sunday, 25 June 2017 to Friday, 30 June 2017                      08:00 – 17:30 (local time)

A team of young scientists and students will be at your disposal for information, reservations, problem solving. They will were black T-shirts with ILRC28 logo.

Supporting slides for oral presentation

We recommend all presenters to prepare their slides in pdf format, to avoid formatting issues. Oral presentations should be no longer than 12 min. (max. 10 slides), plus 3 min. for questions and answers. Invited and keynote presentations should be 25 min. (max. 20 slides) plus 5 min. for questions and answers. Please use reasonable font sizes for text (including graphs) and picture resolution (recommended: 300 dpi).

Presentations should be sent by email to before 16 June 2017.

Posters display

Posters can be displayed for the whole duration of the conference, starting Monday 08:00 to Friday 17:00. Posters should be A0 portrait format. All necessary materials for poster display will be available on site. Note the ID of your paper, to easy locate the place of your poster.

Presence at the poster is required during the specific sessions, as listed in the ILRC28 schedule.

Exhibition stands

Each exhibitor will have its own stand, 4 x 2 m, a table and 2 chairs, access to power supply and WiFi. Stands are separated by  white walls which can be used for displaying posters, banners, etc. (see schematics below).


Exhibition stands are placed in the same room where the oral plenary sessions are organized. Outdoor space can be accommodated for the exhibitors wishing to organize live demonstrations during lunch breaks.

Sensitive materials and equipments will be stored in a nearby locked room over the night.

Internet access

WiFi will be available in the conference area. However, we encourage the participants not to use their laptops and mobile phones in the proximity of the Central room, to not disturb the sessions. A “quiet room” will be at your disposal if you have to work during the conference.

Lunch options

The canteen at 5th floor of the Rectorate building can host up to 100 people. Prices are low and the food is good, however the service is not very fast.

Inside the conference area there are several small bars and automatic machines which you can use to have a fast and/or working lunch. We recommend this option if you want to participate to the Live demonstrations.

There are a number of restaurants on Splaiul Independentei (north of Conference center) and Iuliu Maniu Avenue Ave (south border of University campus). Please note that you will need some time to walk there from the conference and back. Also, the service at the restaurants may take a while. Here is a list of some of these options:

NameCategoryLocationWalking distance from Conference centerCostSite
PirahnaRomanian and international cuisineSplaiul Independenței 313A500m ( 5 minutes)LOW
IDM ClubInternational cuisineSplaiul Independenței 319B700m (7 minutes)MEDIUM
Grill PubMain Grill and international cuisineSplaiul Independenței 2961.0km (12 minutes)LOW
PotcoavaInternational cuisineStreet Locotenent Ștefan Marinescu650m (8 minutes)MEDIUM
VanityInternational cuisineSplaiul Independenței 315B450m (6 minutes)HIGH
Maria si IonRomanian cuisineSplaiul Independenței 290650m (8 minutes)LOW
Pui de ursRomanian and international cuisineStreet Economu Cezărescu 42450 (5 minutes)MEDIUM
ShorleyRomanian and international cuisineStreet Economu Cezărescu 50400m (5minutes)MEDIUM
La Mia MusicaRomanian and international cuisineȘos. Orhideelor 11.1km (14 minutes)LOW
AFI Palace MallVarious restaurantsBd. Vasile Milea 41.4km (17 minutes)LOW